The MaLisa Foundation

The MaLisa Foundation was established in 2016 by Maria and Elisabeth Furtwängler. Its aim is to create a free, equal society. On an international level, it campaigns to end violence against women and girls. In Germany, it also focuses on promoting social diversity and overcoming restrictive role models.


The MaLisa Foundation is the next step in Maria and Elisabeth Furtwängler's mission to empower women and young girls, by overcoming gender-based discrimination in Germany. The Foundation’s initiatives focus on the representation of gender in music and media as well as projects for more audiovisual diversity in the culture and media industry. 

Current Research

About us

Maria Furtwängler

Founder and board member

"The everyday discrimination and humiliation of women in our society makes me incredibly angry. As a media professional, I am particularly interested in the images which are presented to us on a daily basis. If we want to change something, we need to study and understand the status quo. This is why we take a closer look at the images circulating in the media but also at ourselves."

Elisabeth Furtwängler

Founder and board member

"The country needs new images! We rarely see role models who motivate us to think, act and live with greater diversity. I know from my friends that sexism also hurts men. They suffer as much as we women do from the stereotypical assignment of roles. I wish that both women and men could have the freedom to tread new paths and I am happy if we can contribute towards this with the foundation."

Karin Heisecke

Project management

"Over half the population are women but they rarely enjoy equal rights - whether in politics, business, science or the media. This is not in tune with a modern, democratic society. Restrictive gender roles are a hindrance to progress and form a breeding ground for discrimination. At the MaLisa Foundation, we are an advocate for greater diversity and a more equal society."